Bernie Sanders’ delegate math: Not looking good

  1. TheTuubster 1 year ago

    We all know, all information from the media that goes against the interests
    of Sanders and his supporters is always and instantly propaganda. And all
    systems and maths that go against the interests of Sanders and his
    supporters are always and instantly rigged.

  2. lmfao ;p 1 year ago


  3. blackout07maroon 1 year ago

    SuperDelagates are a joke.

  4. Strait Up Productions, Port Angeles 1 year ago


  5. egonkirchof 1 year ago

    Who these guys think they are talking to? No Bernie supporter watches

  6. My World & Yours 1 year ago

    She is on top because of the close primaries. If they were open, he would
    drag her lying behind through all the us floor. She needs to have several
    seats, but not in the white house though.

  7. Temp User 1 year ago

    Unfair! Everybody knows math is biased against Bernie Sanders.

  8. kyle wallace 1 year ago

    super delegates have not voted yet you fucks

  9. mrgoodiejr 1 year ago

    CNN is a joke cause they can’t even afford to dress their own anchors like
    why is he wearing jeans and old grandpa shoes and no tie? Nobody wants to
    see ur neck hair. literally like the taxpayers pay you and you can’t afford
    to go out by half decent clothes

  10. Mike Swan 1 year ago

    Bernie has never been good at math

  11. JKJUNIOR95 1 year ago

    CNN I’m not for Bernie but you establishment puppies are making me vote for

  12. Ve g 1 year ago

    love this!!!!!

  13. Ve g 1 year ago

    Clinton Power.

  14. PryMatrix 1 year ago

    Don’t you mean Government Crony Math?

  15. commonman80 1 year ago

    BULLSHIT!!! If it was Democratic? Then The Independents would be able to
    vote in Every Primary Election… Which would Put SANDERS AHEAD OF CLINTON
    BY THE POPULAR VOTE… Bernie Sanders is Winning FROM 2/3’s To 75% of
    States in These Primaries… But LOOSING BECAUSE OF DELEGATES…

    If Clinton Given The Nomination? (BECAUSE IT WONT BE WON…) I’m Voting FOR
    DONALD TRUMP… Enough with The Bullshit And “Politics As Usual”…
    And I HOPE? He Chooses Bernie Sanders as a Running Mate… TO BRING THE


  16. The Imp Lannister 1 year ago

    Hillary s rigged campaign : not looking good

  17. Spankie Weasalcakes 1 year ago

    What if independents were allowed to vote or there was same day
    registration in every state? Look at that! A landslide for Bernie…

  18. OakedRS 1 year ago

    I’m not a democrat but I’d muuuuuuuuch rather have Bernie Sanders over
    Hillary Clinton.

  19. Ben Bowman 1 year ago

    Sounds like the Bernie-bots are sore losers. They should have him run third
    party to stick it to Hillary and the Dem establishment!

  20. android testmail 1 year ago

    What about adding in the states that didn’t allow independents to vote but
    they will vote in the primary. those numbers would change dramaticly but
    they don’t want to show you what the numbers will look like when the
    majority of people who weren’t allowed to vote can vote for bernie sanders.
    there were many states that had closed primaries and that’s a lot of more
    votes to them numbers. what they are looking at is just the voting to get
    their candidate but the math does an interesting thing when you put these
    numbers up in the general election and add in all those independents for
    bernie up to 70% of them. is it more accurate to see what the numbers are
    when everyone can vote to see who is more desired by America or to stop
    thousands of people from voting and going with that number? the general
    election is coming and at that point many bernie supporters are anti
    hillary and many independents won’t even show up if they were inspired by
    bernie so hillary is going to be in a bad place when she is so hated by a
    big chunk of bernie supporters. imagine if trump breezed into the white
    house because these two things?

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