Bernie Sanders – Refusing To Address Obamacare


Shame on Bernie, his response was over the top, can’t believe he wrote that letter, Read my response

Bernie Letter

my response

  1. Wendy Perkins 5 days ago

    Bernie is a sellout..he got his home to be quiet about Hillary, election, and healthcare.

  2. Janet Duhon 5 days ago

    Very good letter to Bernie, Natasha. Tear his arss up ! lol !

  3. Janet Duhon 5 days ago

    Bernie’s response letter was ridiculous. He’s accusing Trump of hiding something, while Obama & Hillary’s committed blatant multiple acts of treason, sedition, obstruction of justice, collusion, obfuscation, many murders, and theft from Haiti people, not to mention Benghazi & selling our Uranium and making $144,000,000. Bernie’s brain is burnt to a crisp.
    Oh ….& lets not forget what he & his wife are being investigated for fraud , using money they should not have for other things. Geez …
    these people are idiots.

  4. trid2bnrml 5 days ago

    Bernie sent you a form letter – And here’s the TOLL FREE NUMBER TO THE DC SWITCHBOARD 877-762-8762, call your do-nothing congress-critter, call the rest of them, put this number on speed dial and call a few every day for entire week! Pass this number around, copy it into your comments. Make life miserable for congress, until they get the message!

  5. trid2bnrml 5 days ago

    332 Dirksen Senate Office Building
    Washington DC 20510
    Phone Number: (202)224-4151

  6. Jacqueline Lungwitz 5 days ago

    Bernie is just as corrupt as the rest of them. He would have ended up breaking all his promises as well. But he has been held up on a pedestal as the solution by the left

  7. Remetski2401 5 days ago

    So courageous! Stay safe and know that you’re doing The work you were born to do. A true success story.

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