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Guess what? Every politician has dirt and things that aren’t that great, including bernie.

If Bernie Sanders Cares About Cheaper Drugs, He Should Stop Smearing His Colleagues For Rejecting His Flawed Amendment

Newsweek Posts GOP Oppo Research On Bernie Sanders


  1. Gaidex Viller 7 months ago

    Hillary and Trump were the same on many things.

  2. Playster 7 months ago

    Even if Hilary was a million times better at attacking Bernie she wouldn’t gain any more popularity because end of the day she doesn’t have any ideas other than status quo

  3. deadasfak 7 months ago

    You’re going to get a LOT of dislikes… Hillary didn’t lose because Bernie. She lost because of that fucking FBI guy saying shit about “new evidence” from the Podesta emails. This on the one hand discouraged some of her voters and the other hand probably engaged enough non Trump supporting repubs to vote against her. Fuck that guy. He was the one who got Trump elected. He could have said: pff there’s nothing in there relating to Hillary’s criminal investigation (which was pretty obvious). Instead he fucked everything up. Bernie’s attacks during the primaries were absolutely legit. She’s in cahoots with the banks, she accepts a ton of money, and she probably going to do favors for them.

    There were probably voters who thought that fuckyeah, let’s burn this shit down let’s elect this clown. Who knows, maybe they are going to be right on the long run. But I’m pretty sure they were the minority and they weren’t swayed by russian propaganda.

  4. Tony Gomez 7 months ago

    I’m sorry but your taking this Russia conspiracy too far. Perhaps they were the ones who hacked the DNC but the credit you are giving them is way out of proportion. Bernie supporters who didn’t vote for Hillary did so for very legitimate reasons such as her hawkishness on foreign policy, her support for TPP, her strong corporate bias, and her over all non-progressive policies. You cannot blame Russia or the “Bernie Bros” for these very real criticisms of Hillary. If anything it was the media’s constant assertion that Hillary would win the election which eliminated the urgency that was needed to get these people to vote. And it probably didn’t help that Hillary was captured on video saying that Bernie supporters are uneducated basement-dwellers, but nah, it has to be those DAMNED RUSSIANS!!!

  5. Snow Mystique 7 months ago

    Yeah, people forgot or worse, didn’t know that anything Bernie would’ve propose as President to be law would’ve been struck down by the House because guess who’s -oh, hi Paul Ryan.

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