RHTH EP.1 – Bernie Sanders, Gaddafi, Kim Jong Un, YellowBanded, Sloyx, ObliviousHD


Why tf was I saying Gaddafi like it had a Q???

Moutain Biking idiots – 0:30
HD STUDIO/ObliviousHD is an idiot – 4:23
North Korea/ Obama sucks/ Bernie Sanders is a moron – 8:22
Future Projects – 15:55
Huckleberry Finn – 22:00
VCR is gooone/I’m done with Roblox/Dead click-bait channels – 23:47
Cherie and YellowBanded……very brief :( – 37:56
Sloyx is unstable – 40:04
Cats with ugly haircuts/ Dr. Seuss – 42:23
King of the Hill may come back/Archer is trash/ I love Bojack Horseman – 45:50
Closing statements – 50:30

  1. AARBLX 5 days ago

    First yay😱

  2. LargeMakesStuff 5 days ago


  3. FoxTrotSpy 5 days ago

    Needs a better name

  4. FoxTrotSpy 5 days ago

    God he sounds young

  5. Sonic Youth 5 days ago

    Phire has a new channel it’s called the American cynic

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