Q & A with Dr. Ben Carson LIVE at YAF’s 39th NCSC


This question and answer session will actually start at approximately 7:40 p.m. ET.

17th United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; Neurosurgeon; Author

Dr. Carson will take questions and answers following Vice President Mike Pence’s remarks.

Dr. Carson speaks to students at YAF’s 39th annual National Conservative Student Conference.

  1. Geek Army 2 weeks ago

    4:50 Carson takes the stage

  2. Dan Randolph 2 weeks ago

    As unhappy as I remain that HUD even exists at the federal level, I am greatly encouraged that Dr. Carson is leading it. Character matters, and this man has it in abundance along with talent. Thanks again, YAF – great speakers this year as always!

  3. NotElusivePanda Twitter 2 weeks ago

    Wow. A Jew, an Indian, and a black man walk into a bar. The left calls them racists.

  4. Chris Sullivan 2 weeks ago

    Volume to low

  5. Justin Naoki 2 weeks ago

    Please Secretary Carson #DrainTheSwamp of HUD you do NOT have to work with everybody specially if they waste do fraud abuse the system are corrupt or simply they are incompetent.

  6. Gary McAleer 2 weeks ago

    Ben was a “mama’s boy.” No shame in that! Some are embarrassed to say it. But not Ben. With some children, their best friend in childhood is often a dog or cat. With Ben, his best friends were books. And to think how his mama, who couldn’t read herself would test her kids on the books they were commanded to read…what a genius she was! Godliness in the highest sense.

  7. Gary McAleer 2 weeks ago

    To have such incredible compassionate intellect followed by ignorant music brings shame to the whole event. Beethoven, Mozart, or Bach would have complimented the moment. Pop crap does nothing to build character.

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