Martin O’Malley Thinks Hillary Clinton Could’ve Hit Harder At Debate | MSNBC


Former Governor of Maryland Martin O’Malley discusses how Hillary Clinton could have been more critical of Donald Trump at the presidential debate last night.
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Martin O’Malley Thinks Hillary Clinton Could’ve Hit Harder At Debate | MSNBC

  1. geese 11 months ago

    Absolutely. When Trump said there can come nothing much of importance from
    his tax returns, Clinton could have quipped, “Then you have absolutely no
    reason not to show them to the American public.”
    She won’t make the same mistake in the second debate now she’s had a taste
    of how incompetent Trump is in these things.

  2. John Townsend 11 months ago

    Does the american electorate fathom what’s at stake with Trump as President
    and McConnell and Ryan in charge of Congress? White supremacists empowered
    to burn Mosques and black churches. Voting rights shredded across the land.
    The Supreme Court packed with right wing ideologues. The GOP assault on
    women’s rights shoved into high gear. The fossil fuel industry unchained.
    With the planet at a tipping point on global warming, the US withdrawing
    from the Paris accord. The EPA gutted. The ACA repealed. A ground war begun
    with Iran over some perceived insult. Taxes dramatically lowered on
    corporations and the super rich and with huge boosts in military spending,
    deficits going through the roof. In short, a disaster of unmitigated
    proportions from which the country and the world might never recover. All
    this brought about by a profit driven, false equivalency, news as
    entertainment media who deserted the country in our hour of greatest need.

  3. Ed Tolliver 11 months ago

    Coulda…woulda…shoulda. Doesn’t mean much. After Trump’s debacle, there
    should be no more doubt in the minds of undecided voters. Trump’s version
    of Julius Caesar’s famous quote, “I came. I lied. I lost.”

  4. BEWTUBE 11 months ago

    Trump won the debate by a landslide:) Yuge victory for Trump last night:)

  5. Ernest Purcell 11 months ago

    Not one of Hillary’s shortcomings were questioned. Not one. Trump was
    challenged by moderator 6 times. Hillary was challenged 0 times. Why are
    liberals so eager to see Trump challenged on something so insignificant at
    his taxes but oblivious to Hillary’s scandals?

  6. matt k 11 months ago

    hillary addressed nothing, all she did was obviously repeat lines that were
    given to her in her mock debate sessions. Too much practicing made her come
    off as extremely robotic

  7. Junior Harry 11 months ago

    ‘illuminate’ great word.

  8. td603 222td 11 months ago

    Bravo Hilary. You proved Trump is incoherent and incompetent…… Not fit
    for POTUS.

  9. Julian Smithe 11 months ago

    Good job Hilary.

  10. Tyler Brininger 11 months ago

    any die hard supporters will obviously say their candidate won. What really
    matters is what undecided voters think about not only who won but who
    delivered their position with confidence and intent to act on issues.

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