2024 Presidential Election Prediction- Marco Rubio vs Amy Klobuchar

  1. JJ Holmes 4 days ago

    Election night trump vs maher today

  2. Jamie Howard 4 days ago

    remake or i unsub.

  3. RoboticToast 4 days ago

    Just flip Virginia, too many Democrats from D.C/Maryland moving down there and same for people at the top of NC, they will move there.

  4. Zakariya Yahya 4 days ago

    Election Night 2020 – Trump vs. Cuban

  5. Orange Mojo 4 days ago

    Virginia being red is impossible

  6. Dan Will 4 days ago

    I have a couple suggestions for 2020, President Trump vs Oprah Winfrey and President Trump vs Martin O’Malley

  7. Sjaak Delgado 4 days ago

    Wesley Clark vs Bush (2004)

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