Senator Marco Rubio Speaks to Media after Intel briefing in Russian Trump Probe


Senator Marco Rubio Speaks to the Press after Intel Briefing on Russian Probe

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  1. YONATANI RASILI GUSMAN Bey 4 months ago

    why dose the goverment waist time

  2. jlwftl 4 months ago

    How many times did he show up and do his job in Congress? What a looser with a small dick.

  3. Sklawz 4 months ago

    If people that watch news on TV are half as tired as people hearing about it then people must be reall sick and throwing up on their &hh&h&h&bb

  4. Fila Mom 4 months ago

    Does anyone rmbr how flotus described the “persecution” of her husband, WJC, POTUS?

  5. Paul Temple 4 months ago

    Trump continues to turn everything into a reality TV show. Hilarious.

  6. Rich Powers 4 months ago

    he is a sell out

  7. BluberryGirl723 4 months ago

    It is a witch hunt and it is shameful on this nation.

  8. eden terra 4 months ago

    More nonsense to the Russia fake news insanity

  9. Ammon Barlow 4 months ago

    this is so much b******* the real reason why they’re trying to stop them is because the pedophile ring it’s going on in Washington everybody open up your eyes and look don’t have your head up your ass

  10. Dini Berrios 4 months ago

    No comment!

  11. Ammon Barlow 4 months ago

    Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia a real reason why the same Rush as they don’t want to be so up because a pedophile ring it’s going on

  12. eva 4 months ago

    The Liberal lunatic Democrats are using anti-Russia red-baiting at a level not seen since days of McCarthyism. Stop spending our tax dollars on this garbage and start building the Wall as promised !

  13. gary K 4 months ago

    This is the best part! Now that there is a special counsel, no one can comment! Trump took away their game ball!

  14. Chewis Lou 4 months ago

    rubio is full of 💩

  15. jpalm32 4 months ago

    Choke & die POS Rubio

  16. dbltrplx 4 months ago

    Mthr fkrs

  17. Cheryl Daily 4 months ago

    How about a law to balance the budget little Marco.

  18. USA man 4 months ago

    TRUMP 2020

  19. Jack Tripper 4 months ago

    He has dumbo ears

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