Trevor Noah ‘I Wish a Giant Mosquito Would F**K Rubio, Leave Him Pregnant With a Zika Baby’!


The perpetually unhinged and unfunny, Trevor Noah, which more death on another person he disagrees with, this time focusing his ire on Marco Rubio and his pro-life position.

“I don’t understand how any man thinks that he has the right to dictate to women what they should do with their body,” he bashed Sen. Rubio.

“Men know nothing about what it’s like to be a woman,” he ranted. “So why do men always get to make laws about women’s health issues?

Noah then completely went off the rails, comparing men talking about abortion to blacks telling whites what to do with sun block:

“Imagine if black people were the only ones who could decide whether white people are allowed to use sunscreen,” he said. “People would be like, ‘What do black people even know about getting sunburnt?’ Black people like, ‘No, yo, yo, I hear what you sayin’ b, I hear what you sayin’. All I know is, I’m pro-melanin.”

And then the crescendo:

“I wish a giant mosquito would f— [bleep] Rubio and leave him pregnant with a Zika baby,” he concluded. “Then we’ll see how much he really believes in those laws.”

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